Saturday, April 16, 2011

Unexpected Reminders

I just watched the saddest movie ever. The Boys Are Back with Clive Owen. It's about a man who loses his wife in a brief fight with cancer and tries to raise his 7 year old son on his own. Turns out he also has a teen son from another marriage who comes to live with him at the same time. He has such a hard time adjusting to the change, the loss of his wife, and having to raise his son.

It was so hard to watch because it made me think of how my dad felt when we lost our mom and he still had us boys to raise. I could relate to the feelings of the movie so closely. It was rough.

The boy was always saying he wanted to be outside so his momma could look down on him from above. That made me think about all the time I love to spend outside.

Been nearly 5 years and I still hate those unexpected reminders of past struggles.

Love ya mom.