Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Always Present

The following is written by a friend:

Finger slips and I tumble to rocks ledge
Bruised, I stood and climbed that mountain peak
Ray light fades as twilight sets in so I stop to think
Till this happened I never had to seek...

Pondering the meaning of one life
the power that one touch can hold
remembering those callused hands sends shivers down my spine
Protecting against this night of cold

Looking up as to see that face
Smiling because the vision's clear
Not happy but rather content
To still hold this memory dear

You taught me to never give up when life takes you down
To hope when all dreams are lost
To laugh through a stream of tears
And that true love has no cost

I can see my mother standing proud
Watching over her little boy from up there
Knowing that she made me who I am today
And talking with the Lord's Angels with plenty of stories to share

Because of this great woman
I take this gift of life day by day
Taking care of the meek and poor
And guiding those that have gone astray

She lives in the hearts of those who loved her
And will forever have left a mark
Because she cared for those around her
While giving many lives their first spark

For tonight, I will stop what I'm doing
And save my journey for tomorrow
Rest my mind on a happy thought
Having no room in my heart for sorrow.

-Kalin Jenkins