Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Once again I am reminded...

No matter the days gone by
The stories that make a song
There is always that goodbye
That was held too long

There will always be that pain
that guilt that cuts like a knife
She was taken long before her time
But not before so many were touched by her life

There was the thousand that came
To show their respect
Though none of us knew what to expect
Just one life could be missed no more

She left a husband and three sons

One with no one to cling to
One without a clue
The other without their closest confident

Its hard to imagine
Till it happens to you
Till you lose that person
That means so very much

She had a smile for all
A card for the sore
A visit for the old
As always, a worker to the core

That woman stood for what she believed
Standing behind her husband
Raising her sons to be a step ahead
All while keeping an eye on that finish line

That woman was my mother
My very best friend
No other can compare
Or even dare to replace

She was my comforter, my strength
My driving force for so long

The last I saw of her
She was shedding a tear for me
Not of sadness or fear
But of joy and peace
For her little boy is all grown up
And becoming that cattleman she always knew he could become.

That's my mother up there in the sky.
And one day soon, I shall meet her there
For that joyful day I shall look for
The meet her and Jesus I have waited so long

It's the road I have traveled
That makes this life worth every bet
But to know I have that goal ahead
Makes it worth that sunset ride


  1. Thank you so much for this poem. It's like you were talking about my Mom too. I can only hope my children will think of me that one when I've gone home to be with Jesus.

  2. You have a tender heart. I'm sure your mother was the one that put it there in you. This was very sweet.