Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Thank You

I was asked to write a short note on what impact 4-H volunteers had on my life and my success.

I spent over 10 years in 4-H and the whole time I was surrounded by people that volunteered their time and put much effort into supporting us kids and our activities. It was a wonderfully enriching experience that has given me priceless experiences. But the real affect the adult leaders had on me was not realized until my last year as a 4-Her. I realized that these people become family. During the worst week of our lives, my family and I had the support of so many friends. The loss of my mother was something unimaginable and tragic, but it is amazing what tragedies bring about. I found out that all the 4-H leaders in my life were not just there for 4-H activities. It meant so much to see these people supporting my family in hard times.

It is thanks to everyone that I knew through 4-H that I was able to go to college in spite of all the reasons not to go. I have now moved to Oklahoma State University and will be graduating May of next year. I attribute much of my success in college to my 4-H experiences.

4-H leaders contribute so much of their time enriching the lives of youth in their communities. Sharing their knowledge and experiences, these people do not realize how much of a difference they make in these kids' lives. I want to give a big thank you to all 4-H leaders for making such a big difference.

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